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About us

A paragraph or two in no way suffice to encapsulate what this project truly means or entails. Nonetheless, we shall try. We're two college kids who are trying our luck with what in essence is a Digital Humanities Project. 

It is important to note that both, the demand for volunteering opportunities and the number of NGOs, NPOs and other agents of Civil Society is ever-growing. And right between this, is where we come in.

NGO Khoj Project is our tiny little effort to democratise data, which primarily happens to be basic information regarding Civil Society pan India. By this, we not only hope to widen the base of numerous NGOs, NPOs and other charitable organisations doing some fabulous work but also help those interested meet their 'ideal' organisation or agency, based on their locational preference and area of interest.


While some agencies have attempted to offer networking solutions, these solutions often come with a price and a bias. Amidst this very spurt in voluntary sector jobs and the sheer lack of information thereto, this project aims to take some cognizable steps in the field of networking, collecting, curating and distributing data in an unbiased and democratic fashion. 

At least, we hope. 


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Write to us if you have a query or if you want to register your NGO with us!

Siddharth Khare - + 91 9604748768

Kabir Nagadia - + 91 9765646236